Thursday, June 13, 2013

The King and the Truth......

He stood up from his meditation under the soon to be called The Tree of enlightenment, looked over his subjects; the same gaze he once used to give as a King now has taken a shroud of mystery and subtlity. King Siddhartha started speaking to his disciples, his voice booming across the skies and beyond and heard by the Gods as one of their own, while soldiers of great wars stood still and starred at the skies.

The Great king Siddhartha declared,"I renounce all earthly possessions, My desires, My Karma and every bond that binds me; I wish, you my dear disciples shall do the same". The answer that his followers and other greats like him have equally sought over ages has been found; thought the gathering.

The Skies trembled as if in acceptance of the Truth, a torrential rain has started and came down in respect  to the King turned ascetic; King Siddhartha felt not the rain, nor the winds, only the satisfaction of the fulfillment of his reason, he had been wandering in and out of his body, traveled to the past where no man has ever set foot on and the future that is  yet to come, for years he had sat under that tree in a trance, trying to know nothing else but himself, he has become omniscient which now feels natural, like how a common man knows what he sees, King Siddhartha knows the past, present and future; no walls barring his sight, every mind in the crowd known to him as if its him, no secrets hidden, he sees through their heart and soul.
A little child from the crowd suddenly caught his attention, its eyes fogged by the rain; yet as bright and curious as the King himself, Siddhartha felt as if the child wanted to ask him something, now that he has all the answers, so sure of himself the King beckoned the child to come near, knelt down to the child and inquired, "What is it little one?", the child wiping off the rain drops trailing down his face answered, "My dear King , your wish that the world renounces all desires in itself is a desire, is it not ?"

Deserts are a sign of lifelessness, yet in its deepest corners life thrives; the desert itself is alive; it plays tricks on mind, creating mirages, luring people in by showing them what they want to see. Siddhartha's mind has been wandering in the deepest deserts of all times, he has started walking towards a loan Oasis that stood in the middle of the desert;  he thought he was all alone in the vastness of the universe but now he could hear a child's voice calling him from behind, getting stronger by each second.

Shocked by the sudden revelation, his years of ascetic life, his search and all his answers shattered by a child's  innocent question, tears start flowing from his eyes, he makes no attempt to hide them but veiled to his disciples only by the rains. The Great King knelt down lower, his voice which once stopped a charging bull on its tracks now reduced to a mere whisper, whispered to himself and to the child, "Who are you", not as a question but as an answer. The child retorted, "I am you, everyone and everything else; the source and the end", and closed the King's eyes with his little palms, in the very moment becoming a blinding speck of light; the sun, moon and the stars bowing in shame of their own dullness, the universe for a split of a second lit only by Truth, the child becomes one with King Siddhartha.

He who closed his eyes as King Siddhartha opens his own and the world's as one and as the Buddha

King Siddhartha's aching dry throat pleads with him to walk towards the Oasis, his mind though has turned back towards the voice, sees light and knows the direction and its reason.

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